Saturday, August 8, 2009

Philippines online Scams on chat programs

Filipinos are very freindly people and the Philippines is a great place to take a holiday and even retire but like almost every place there are some that would try and use you.

The largest scams today are internet based and involve the manipulation of forsaken men in the west by Filipino ladies and men working the chat programs and forums. Anyone that has surfed these chat programs comes away with the belief that the bulk of Filipinos on these chat programs are conmen and there is a explanation why you would have this ideas.

These fraudsters work the chat programs like a full time job. They're online for extended periods and become terribly accomplished on how to hold online conversations and the perfect thing to say. They understand how to flirt or play with a person's feelings.

The scammers also create the most interesting profiles with many enticing photos. So when you log in to these net chat programs it's their profiles that standout. Another reason the profiles of conmen are high on the list is that they are online a load more than genuine girls.

Perhaps the most astonishing things for many to discover is that up to 40% of the'girls' online are actually blokes dressed up as girls. In the Philippines they call them as 'gays' but we'd refer to them transsexuals or ladyboys. The online gay scammers also are more aggressive and sexually provocative than a genuine Filipina.

I learnt of one twelve year old boy in Mactan Cebu that used an oversize padded bra who was allegedly making a slaughtering with men sending 'her' cash through Western Union.

When you are aware of what to look for it is not so problematical to sift thru these conmen and find genuine and sincere girls that need to meet a guy on the internet. For more info on how to find a genuine Filipina I like to recommend getting Filipina 101 - how to find your Filipina Dream girl. It explores a lot more than only online dating.

There is a internet site dedicated to warning people about these kinds of folk and the scams so you can avoid them and luxuriate in the Philippines. You can read about scams and alerts for the Philippines on the Philippines scams and warnings site here Scams in the Philippines. This is a free service where anyone can submit their own informatino to caution others of a con or rip off they have been the victim of.

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